Blatantly corrupt

Robert Abela

Robert Abela is so blatantly and unashamedly corrupt that he is using his executive power to literally expropriate public property. This website broke the news last year that Robert Abela was squatting a prime property in Valletta for free after he used to pay just €1,000 per year for it. When the news first broke that Robert Abela was squatting on this property, Robert Abela was so ashamed about it that he removed his company logo from the facade of the property. Now, he seems to have reconciled himself with his criminal nature and is no longer hiding it.

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  1. This scheme has been devised with the main purpose of letting the PM and many others who like him have had their lease on public property expire only to remain squatting on the property without any title for years. The lease of such properties could have easily been issued by tender providing the opportunity to others who have never had the chance to acquire a lease on goverment property to at least have a fighting chance of gaining such benefit. However these are now going to be left in the hands of previous tenants simply by virtue that they have occupied them for a subtantial number of years. Bearing in mind that these properties consist of prime retail outlets and offices in Valletta this provides a substantial unfair advantage to those who benefit from this scheme over those who have to hire such premises from private owners at commercial rates. So much for level playing fields and equal opportunities to all.

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