First, we take Petromal then we take Berlin

David Xuereb

Robert Abela is officially Malta’s Prime Minister, but in reality, he isn’t a Prime Minister, – he is the head of a hardened criminal organisation that has turned the Labour Party into its own. He is completely clueless so when Malta went through its blackout crisis, Robert Abela couldn’t do anything other than theatre. Since he is not on speaking terms with the Minister for Energy, Miriam Dalli, he also feels he doesn’t have enough control over her Ministry, and instead of changing this situation by making a cabinet reshuffle, Baldrick has a plan.

He is roping in David Xuereb, the conman-public-officer to re-assert control over the entities under Miriam Dalli’s remit, starting from Petromal. David Xuereb will be holding “stakeholder meetings” in relation to Petromal as head of the MCESD. Petromal is a government-holding of Malta Investments Limited but acts very much like an Enemalta subsidiary with Enemalta often taking the leading role and it is used as a buyer and distributor of oil and petroleum products. Petromal uses financial derivatives on par with its operations (on which it is bleeding millions of Euros of losses every year), and like Enemalta, it may be taking over AirMalta’s losses on its jet-fuel purchases.

I’m still trying to learn about the directors, but it’s the usual story. Miriam Dalli’s ministry and its entities are run by Labor propagandists and incompetent imbeciles. One of Petromal’s directors is Ethelbert Schembri who is Miriam Dalli’s canvasser. As of lately, this bażużlu-director of a national strategic company has been taking it against whistleblowers on social media:

All government appointments are approved by the OPM, but ever since Rabort Abela approved Miriam Dalli’s nominees to her Ministry’s entities, things have changed and now, Miriam Dalli and Robert Abela are not on speaking terms. Robert Abela thinks that he needs someone who could influence Miriam Dalli’s ministry and he will try to do that with David Xuereb. Note, that none of these people ever worked in the energy sector and none of them have any idea what they are doing. This is also why we have national crises because the people who run the government and strategically important entities are busy playing petty games of power, corruption, and criminal conspiracies – all the time.

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