Not on speaking terms: but theatre is ok

Robert Abela and Miriam Dalli

Miriam Dalli is currently, challenging Robert Abela by openly preparing a leadership campaign for the Labour Party, apart of course, from contradicting him during cabinet meetings. This open fight between Miriam Dalli and Robert Abela is having some significant consequences for the governance of Enamalta and other public entities under Miriam Dalli’s remit. The reality is that Miriam Dalli as a Minister is operating by herself without the support and collaboration of the Prime Minister and this is troubling given that Miriam Dalli’s Ministry for Energy is the most essential and strategic ministry among the other ministries.

When in late July Malta had constant electricity blackouts, and up to twenty people died as a result, Miriam Dalli was navigating the crisis all by herself with the Prime Minister being totally useless and doing nothing except holding theatrical meetings with her. Above all, throughout the crisis, Robert Abela had no clue what to do and his typical response during briefings in the cabinet was simply to turn towards Clyde Caruana, the Minister for Finances and literally ask for money. Nothing useful or substantive ever comes out from Robert Abela during cabinet meetings and his most clear decisions are his threats against the press and his Party critics.

Robert Abela is trying to implement a cabinet reshuffle to consolidate his hold over the cabinet, but he is afraid to go ahead with it fearing he would pit Miriam Dalli’s challenge against him into a wider battle inside the Party. As of now, Miiam and Robert have to contend by doing theatre with each other.

Robert Abela and Miriam Dalli

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