Promoting Malta with the wrong people

Russell Crowe with Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo

It’s only grifters and criminals who genuinely believe that as government ministers, their country and nation should be promoted by a Hollywood Actor. Russell Crowe, who lately has become the personal entertainer of Maltese politicians, has a contract with the Malta Tourism Authority to promote Malta on social media. Apart from being totally humiliating and ridiculous to do such a thing as a national government, the choice of the actor is of course telling.

I knew that Russell Crowe had many allegations against him, but I couldn’t remember what was it. A simple search engine provided the results and Russell Crowe has a reputation for being a bully and a racist. Russell Crowe even assaulted Azelia Banks once with witnesses verifying it. He also once defended the hotel of Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei, amidst a boycott against it.  The Sultan of Brunei passed a law that punishes homosexuality with death and Crowe refused to join boycott against the hotel.

As part of his marketing campaign for Malta, Russell Crowe posted some photos of Malta on his Twitter account which has around 2.9 million followers. By comparison, the Financial Times’ Twitter account has more than 5.7 million followers, and a featured article by the FT shared on Twitter would have cost just around $50,000.

I don’t know by which kind of marketing metric would a government choose Russell Crowe to promote its country, but the reality is that they paid him because they wanted an excuse to hang out with him – this is not a joke or hyperbole. I mean what I write, literally.

Most importantly, thanks to Russell Crowe’s social activity in Malta, we are discovering more about Joseph Muscat’s criminal networks.

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