A project backed by Joseph Muscat’s cabal: Metropolis Towers

Keith Seychell: frontman for Husni Bey of Metropolis Towers

Joseph Msucat and Keith Schembri planned multiple corrupt schemes before entering office and the biggest and most damaging of these schemes has undoubtedly been the Electrogas power-station. Daphne Caruana Galizia, Malta’s most popular independent journalist was murdered for investigating the kickbacks behind the Electrogas project which were recorded to have been made by Yorgen Fenech. Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri, and Joseph Muscat all planned to launder their money through shell-companies in Panama. We also know that Joseph Muscat received payments for his corrupt projects after he left office.

The common denominator in most of the corrupt projects planned by the Joseph Muscat cabal is Brian Tonna, the corrupt accountant who set up the Panama companies for Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri, and Konrad Mizzi. Brian Tonna is currently being charged with fraud and money laundering over the Progress Press’s printing press deal with Keith Schembri and Adrian Hillman. Brian Tonna was part of the evaluation committee that awarded the power-station contract to Electrogas.

One of the early private-led industry projects during Joseph Muscat’s administration was the much-hyped Metropolis Towers which until today is still a big hole.  Now, the owner of the project is trying to revive it, but it seems that the reasons for not building were lack of capital and not related to permissions or legal issues.

The owner of the land in Gżira and the company involved in the Metropolis project is Galal Ibrahim Husni Bey.

Husni Bey (or a relative with the name Najat, but he is known to use different names) is involved in a company called Gec Developments Ltd which has Keith Seychell and Brian Tonna as directors on its board. Keith Seychell, is also fronting Husni Bey with Capo Crudo by having an insignificant shareholding in the company while also running the restaurant.

Keith Seychell is also director to another company of Husni Bey, called Zahrakaya Limited.

How did Keith Seychell become so close to what is supposedly big and legitimate money? Keith Seychell was a cocaine-dealer who washed his profits in nightclubs namely a club called Moscow Club (allegedly owned by his father).

Keith Seychell eventually ran into some money problems and some debts. He was not as successful as Christian Borg, another cocaine dealer with links to the Prime Minister himself. Keith Schembri, a long-time friend of Keith Seychell helped him out of his troubles by linking him with Husni Bey. Husni Bey was also very appreciative of Joseph Muscat having said that he helped him organise his project.

Husni Bey made use of Polidano’s companies for his Metropolis construction project and apparently, Keith Seychell is also friends with the notorious lawyer Jean-Paul Sammut who works for Polidano (he is accused of dining with Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech and with his defendant, Darren Debono, an allegation that Jean-Paul Sammut denies). Interestingly, Metropolis appointed Jean-Paul Sammut as its Chief Operations Officer.

Keith Seychell and Jean Paul Sammut

Coincidentally, Lilu l-King is a client of Capo Crudo and he likes it so much that he once even considered purchasing it.

What is also interesting is that even Lilu l-King had a connection with Joseph Muscat’s cabal, and this was through Neville Gafa whom they used to meet at Diane Izzo’s cafeteria in Paceville (Pasucci), also a close friend of Joseph Muscat.

The question begs why would someone like Husni Bey get entangled with Brian Tonna and Keith Seychell and why would they be useful to him. As for Lilu, he is being accused of money laundering and Lilu undoubtedly would need mules to move his money and hide his wealth unless he wants to risk having everything he owns getting confiscated.

And above all, it is remarkable how all these connections all somehow have extensions to the Office of the Prime Minister apart from being either loosely or well-connected between each other and meeting with each other at social events.

You can think that it is a coincidence or we are only just in the early stages of learning about all of the Labour Party’s criminal network.

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