The restaurateur of the Malta Tourism Authority: Keith Seychell of Capo Crudo

When I write something, I nearly always mean it literally unless I say otherwise with a disclaimer such as “metaphorically speaking” or “figuratively”. Of course, if you are a criminal organisation and you are paying top Dollar to party and be around Hollywood stars, you need a restaurant to enjoy fancy dinners with your guests. The restaurant of choice for the Malta Tourism Authority to party and dine with their hosts is Keith Seychell’s restaurant “Capo Crudo” in Valletta.  Keith Seychell is in business with Labour politicians and associates such as Jose Herrera, and he was also a director to several interesting companies alongside Brian Tonna. Apparently, Lilu l-King was also interested in buying the restaurant from Keith Seychell but the deal never happened.



Keith Seychell driving Russell Crowe
I don’t know what this is. Please explain.
Keith Seychell, Gianni Morandi and someone else.
Keith Seychell and Russell Crowe


Keith Seychell and Russell Crowe and someone else


Keith Seychell with Pedro Pascal
Keith Seychell at MTA press conference


Keith Seychell with Lilu l-King



  1. Keith Seychell is also on the Minister’s VIP List for Complimentary Tickets of any MTA-sponsored or subsidised-event – when the staff at the MTA, who work so hard to try and paint a positive image of the island, have to submit their names to a degrading lottery to try and get a couple of tickets. Keith Seychell is one of those persons who waltz in backstage at each event looking like he owns the ruddy place! That is who Keith Seychell is! As to what regards his presence at an MTA press conference – It would be wise to try and ask the MTA’s PR department about these.

    PS That letter in Italian states that Russel Crowe is a good friend of Keith Seychell!

  2. There are also photos of him with the Ceo of the mta and the chief of staff of the tourism minster…kollha jhawdu fl-istess borma!

  3. Thanks Mr. Camilleri for highlighting this venue that is owned by a crook.
    Please keep naming and shaming the venues/restaurants etc. that are owned by the mafia state collaborators and enablers, for us to keep a tab and avoid.

  4. I would suggest to investigate the source of wealth of Mr.Keith Seychell. He was born in Paola (Lourdes District). His rise to such great fortune is a Big Question. Some say all the fortune he has is not his but of a Libyan investor he has partnered up with … others say drugs made a big part of his profit.

    From a poor family in Lourdes Paola to buying a plot of land and having a mansion built with indoor & outdoor pools with a dollar at the bottom of each pool, super yachts, super cars, multiple restaurants, apartments in gozo & Marsascala while also building a tower at Gzira (next to the Gasan building). Fishy no?

    Yet no one ever investigated his Source of Wealth.

    This should be an interesting story for you to investigate Mark.

  5. Everytime we are reminded of the discrimination and injustices being carried out under the so called Labour party goverment which is supposed to to uphold its core principles of standing up for the rights of the weak and the down trodden, to stamp out societal injustices and inequalities, my stomach churns.
    A common citizen erred and installed a number of PV panels to service his apartment in an apartment block without applying for the required permits. Acting on a report both the Housing and the P.A came out in force against this common citizen who has no offshore accounts does not keep maltese historical artifacts in his back yard and does not belong to any cabal. He was issued with legal letters and ordered to remove the PV panels under threat of heavy fines. Faced with such zealous enforcement and threats this common citizen had to comply as nobody intervened or came to his assistance.
    Yet an illegal eyesore like Capo Crudo and scores of other such illegalities are permitted to keep operating, flaunting their immunity despite occupying public land and being built illegally. It has become a trademark of this government that enforcement notices are only issued and enforced against weak and common citizens.?

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