The feeling that everything is collapsing

Robert Abela

I’m generally not a pessimistic person, and I know this very well because I still had a positive outlook toward life when I hit rock bottom in the past (also, don’t be deluded if you are going through a bad time, there can always be another bigger bottom).

In fact, I’m very optimistic about Malta and my country and I also have big hopes for the younger generation. However, the reality is that in the short term, and as long as Labour will remain in power, things will keep getting gradually worse. I don’t say this hyperbolically or anecdotally because little by little, things in Malta are literally falling apart and going bust. The problem is that very often one is not able to see the process and is only able to become aware of it once the process is at a very extended stage with catastrophically evident results. It’s like an addict taking heroin who doesn’t realize that his addiction is growing progressively worse until eventually, he needs serious medical attention.

This is Malta today where literally everything is breaking, piece by piece, day by day, and many are getting increasingly furious as they realize this. Air Malta is closing down, the electricity grid started melting, the rule of law is broken, the justice system is broken, the public debt is shooting up vertically, the environment is a disaster and getting worse, the litter and rat infestation problem, the shoddy buildings, the impunity for hardened criminals and politicians, young people leaving, the traffic problem,  and I can go on and on.

This is Malta under Robert Abela. It’s a disaster and we are regressing into Third World status.

And for the record, this is not a situation where a Minister in government needs to step up – this is a situation that requires its political and government authors a disgraceful and humiliating exit.



  1. Can I add the polluted sea, people dumping human waste close to popular beaches, E Coli making its way to Balluta bay. The stench is unbearable. Malta is lawless. Our god is money. People are lazy. People no longer cook but enjoy the service of imported low income couriers to deliver a meal. People have shunned the office in favour of working more and more hours from home and walking around the house during meetings to be “active”. People couldn’t give a monkeys as long as they go abroad five times a year if not more and can eat food in crowded noisy restaurants. Thats what you get when concepts related to culture, technology, politics are alien to those voted in. Haven’t they become filthy rich by now? Can they go back in the gutter and allow someone, anyone at this point to cleanse the Islands?

  2. By far I do not share your optimisim Mark about the current youger generation and while I tend to agree that Labour under the juvenile leadership of RA and his cabinet of nincompoops must go it is up to Labour to clean its agean stables. The naz are no alternative to Labour they are a complete and dismal failure. They were dysfunctional in government and worse in opposition. In fact their weak and inept opposition during these 10 years have regaled Labour with constant walk-overs and when Labour eventually lose the election it will be through the repetitive own goals they are scoring. As to the younger generation, prior to 2013 we expereinced a raft of young budding politicians lead by Invictus himself. The likes of Ian Borg, Owen Bonnici, Zammit Lewis, Rosianne Cutajar. Rodrick Galdes, Aron Farrugia, Alex Mucat and others. These were the creme’ de la creme’ of labour’s young future politicians. At that time they were pure untainted and shone when they took part in debates agaist their worn out tattered nazz counterparts. Now after 10 years we can all look at their track records and experience their blunders and plunders as well as smell the rot that has become synonymous with these incompetents. The situation today is no rosier as Labour’s cabinet has taken on board more juvenile nincompoops the likes of Johnatan Attard, Byron camilleri, Clayton Bartolo, Miriam Dalli, Naomi Cachia, A. Spiteri Grech etc etc.
    The current situation calls for a third political force composed of disgruntled intellectuals from both parties as well of NGOs who have no umbilical cords to the local buisness and criminal cabal. Politicians who can face the exisitng and previous ones head on, confident in the knowledge that they are clean and untainted.
    In the meantime come next general elections Labour needs to win but with minimal difference in votes.

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