It’s not an economic sector: it’s the personal entertainment of a criminal organisation

Robert Abela and Russell Crowe

People are quickly realising that Malta’s film industry is not a film industry at all, but a heavily-subsidised government scheme intended as the personal entertainment of the criminals that run the country. They can’t make it even more obvious that they’re desperately trying to meet Hollywood film stars for their own personal amusement.

They are so tacky and embarrassing that it hurts. And the figures for the Gladiator film are not all. Russell Crowe is also being paid an undisclosed sum by the Malta Tourism Authority to promote Malta, supposedly. It’s sad and humiliating for us and we can’t wait to have a normal country and get rid of all this crap.

Like having Frank Sinatra play at your casino every year, year after year for twenty years straight and you still pretend it’s a big deal. They are so fucking stupid.

David Walliams as personal entertainer to Malta’s top criminals.


Russell Crowe with the Minister for Tourism Clayron Bartolo


  1. So Mark – in your Jon Mallia interviews you said the Labour Party was not a criminal Organisation. Do you still believe this?

  2. Anything that Clayton Bartolo is involved with is covered in a stench li xxommha mill-Izlanda! And yet he remains there…the lackeys remain at the MTA, at the MCC and the Film Commission – and in the meantime there is a constant haemorrhage of good people leaving all the entities which he is responsible for! And yet, the PAC is still focusing on Electrogas only! Qumu minn hemm!

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