Ian Castaldi Paris is also a suspect in money laundering investigations in relation to trips to Dubai

Ian Castaldi Paris has had a very quiet exit from politics. He joined the Labour Party in 2015 making what was probably one of the most easily-remembered opportunistic and self-serving political shifts in our recent political history. However, there were many others like him and most of them have been awarded or bought out outright by the Labour government with jobs and public contracts. Ian Castaldi Paris was eventually made chairman of the Golden Passport programme,  or what they call the “Individual Investor Programme”. He is also known to brag about his wealth. Eventually, he was also forced by the Labour Party not to contest elections, on its ticket, allegedly after it was revealed he had a very large unpaid tax bill to pay.

The reason why Ian Castaldi Paris was forced not to contest the election with the Labour Party is different, however, and it has got nothing to do with Ian Castaldi Paris’ unpaid tax bill. Instead, he was asked not to contest elections because Robert Abela knows that Ian Castaldi Paris is being investigated over money laundering allegations and his several undeclared trips to Dubai. I could not confirm however if the investigation about him is also related to Rosianne Cutajar’s trips to Dubai where she allegedly laundered cash in brown envelopes.

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