Clifton Grima’s driver Rainer Sceri threatens Sports officials with dismissal after asked to do a doping-test

Rainer Scerri

Cliffton Grima’s driver and Neptunes water-polo official, Rainer Scerri has been threatening sports officials from the National Anti-Doping organisation with dismissal for asking him to do a doping test last July. Rainer Scerri seems to be a privileged activist in the Labour Party and has been a recipient of public property, most probably thanks to his brother “King of Lands”, Clint Scerri. This is also not the first time that Rainer Scerri has had troubles with the sports authorities having been previously fined for various infractions. Rainer Scerri himself has earned a reputation as a bully.

Times of Malta is also covering the incident when Rainer Scerri threatened the sports officials and has also uploaded a video of it. Scerri is also denying that he is the minister’s personal driver but this is not the information that I have. Scerri himself had bragged that he is in fact the minister’s driver. Apart from bragging that he was close to Cliffton Grima, Scerri bragged that he is also close to Luciana Busuttil, the chairman of the Authority for Integrity in Maltese Sports and also a previous Labour MP.  As one can see, given that Scerri has been enjoying the benefits of a rent-seeking regime for many years and with impunity, he feels entitled to act as a bully also by threatening people with their jobs.

The popular Neptunes team seems to be building a reputation of impunity with the connections some of its members have to the Labour Party. Neptunes have recently been in the news for an illegal room built that obtained a PA permit and was questioned by the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman ordered that this room be taken down. They are also beneficiaries of a number of grants by the PA and the Regional Council






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