Is Sarkozy getting paid by the Russians or what?

Nicolas Sarkozy has given an interview with Le Figaro in which he stated that Ukraine should settle for peace with Russia with independently-held referendums in contested territories. He also said that Ukraine shouldn’t join either the EU or NATO.

I’m sorry, what?

Not only is his position totally contrarian in principle and logic to his position taken on Libya, but it’s also a similar position held by Marine Le Pen. So, what’s the story behind Sarkozy’s position? Is he taking Russian money?

Sarkozy intervened in Libya because the Libyans in Benghazi asked for an intervention, prior to the advance of Ghaddafi’s army which was meant to massacre them. His position on Ukraine is preposterous, but I don’t believe it comes from genuine or misguided opinions. Sarkozy also received campaign donations from Ghaddafi and was jailed for violating campaign finance laws.

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