Inflation in Malta is still high and increasing the minimum wage is necessary

Somehow, I can’t find the NSO’s inflation data of Malta for July, and I couldn’t find the breakdowns and tables available either, The NSO has updated its website and I am having trouble using it.

It is alarming that in Malta no one in politics is speaking about the urgency of raising the minimum wage. Our politicians don’t even pay attention to the most important and basic things around them. Having checked the latest inflation data for Malta once again, it is worrying to see that the latest monthly figures show food inflation at more than 10%. We are in a deflationary process (supposedly) where inflation is decreasing gradually, yet in Malta we still have very high and relative inflation for food products.

The government has made no special and strategic plans and took no action to try and minimsie the effect of food prices on the population – instead, the government is simply issuing subsidies without any strategic context. Energy inflation in Malta was also low due to government subsidies on its bad energy deals. And it is alarming to see the cost of living rising so fast in Malta with politicians being so oblivious and indifferent to what’s going on in ordinary people’s lives.


  1. Yes indeed. This is so reckless. I would not be surprised if after all this is the root of Clyde’s tension and stress. Its stupid to think that government can spend its way out of inflation. Its just like trying to put out fire with petrol.

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