Silvio Schembri sold a boat which then caught fire

Silvio Schembri

There are many strange stories about Silvio Schembri’s illicit wealth that he accumulated as a government minister. As happens with many of these rent-seeking politicians, one of the most common ways to dispose of their cash and bribes is by purchasing boats. In fact, Silvio Schembri had become quite a boating enthusiast since becoming a minister and so are some of his friends with whom he is in business.

Silvio Schembri had three different boats in total throughout his career as a minister, one named “Tiffany”, another one named “Peaky Blinder” and the latest being “Vita Bella.” His first boat was sold to a Gozitan who is involved in the illegal deckchair business in Comino and bizarrely enough, the boat caught fire around two weeks after it was purchased by the new owner.

Silvio Schembri may have fantasies of becoming a cool Peaky Blinder-type of gangster, but in reality, he is just a rent-seeking dork.


  1. photos of boats so the labour leaning worker voters can look and see and takenote of what boats we’re talking about since becoming minister

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