Dear Leader is off to Greece

Robert Abela

Earlier this morning, Robert Abela left Ragusa for Greece on his boat. He will be spending two weeks on holiday and as usual, hasn’t appointed an Acting Prime Minister.

He has been going on multiple holidays every year as Prime Minister, often with his boat.

Currently, Malta is currently going through various crises including the latest crisis in its electric infrastructure.


  1. What’s his boat called? Does he have a new one, as his previous tub the Baloo III is currently in northern Sardinia, nowhere near Greece.

    • Maybe it is alot to ask – can you create a twitter account that follows his boat? There are numerous twitter account that follow private jets and yachts. This is done as the owners are typically hypocrites who preach on climate change, and who want you to ditch your car and use public transport (not that it is a bad idea).

      • Why don’t you open it? Everyone expects someone else to do the dirty work … just create an account, open vessel finder and do it. Maybe if everyone does their bit instead of just keyboard warrioring we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    • His boat is Balloo II. Can someone explain who will foot the eur20k bill for.him to travel to Greece and back ?

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