An extended Real-Estate Mafia

Silvio Schembri with his father John Schembri

Unlike Roderick Galdes who stacked properties under his name, Silvio Schembri, Minister for the Economy and another member of the Real-Estate Mafia with Prime Minister Robert Abela, has stacked properties and built wealth by distributing it to various fronts, such as and of course, his wife. However, Silvio has various other fronts such as his sister Anita Schembri who is married to businessman Jeffrey Vella who built his businesses under Labour thanks to various public contracts handed him by Silvio father’s John Schembri, and Transport Malta.

The Shift got close to discovering this connection by covering the Transport Malta contracts provided to Jonathan Vella who is also Jeffrey’s cousin. Jonathan Vella was the subject of The Shift’s investigations given that he was allegedly acquiring contracts from Transport Malta thanks to his brother who worked at Transport Malta, Noel Vella.

Jeffrey Vella, and by default, Silvio Schembri’s sister who is his wife, owns a company that has been the recipient of public contracts called Darna Properties.

The other company in which Jeffrey Vella is involved and part-owner is JV Infrastructure also partly owned by Amanda Muscat who is Jonathan Vella’s partner.

Anita Schembri herself owns a company that seems intended to function as an importer of Asian labour.

Silvio Schembri has been much more discrete than his colleague Roderick Galdes who blatantly and unashamedly used to attend to Joseph Portelli’s property sales unexpectedly to take take a share of the sale. And for now, the police are also blatantly protecting him. As it happened, several members of the construction industry actually filed a report to the police on alleged corruption by Silvio Schembri’s family members and friends, and the police refused to file the report. However, Silvio Schembri also made many mistakes in his rent-seeking way because human error is always unavoidable, and those would probably get to him later.


  1. His relative is in the business of bringing Asians to Malta. No wonder Silvio Schembri wants to stick to the current economic model. From the above it looks that he is surrounded by family members who enriched themselves on the back of the gahan population who claps and votes Schembri from two districts. Everyday, the circle of corruption, continues to be discovered, covering the corrupt activities by these pigs. Rosienne said that everybody is at trough. Ja qatta hniezer.

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