General Workers’ Union A3 Towers: another monument of the Rent Seeker’s Paradise

We (in Malta) are at the stage of experiencing the tangible and horrible effects of the rent-seeking construction craze, and as we can see from similar experiences, the results are damaging mostly to ordinary people. The General Workers’ Union A3 Towers has been suffering from flooding problems during rainfall but the true extent of the problem hasn’t been published yet.  The General Workers’ Union is raking up to €660,000 a year in leasing various offices of this building to government entities and ministries.

Indeed, so problematic is the flooding at the A3 Towers that the AFM is quietly being summoned during the night to pump out the water from the basement level after it is flooded with rainfall.

One of the planners and executors of the A3 Towers project is the General Workers’ Union trusted account and business associate Robert Borg who is also the architect of numerous corrupt schemes involving the Union and the government and was also used by the government to participate in the Vitals fraud.



  1. Hemm hekk hemm environment l’ anqas huwa tajjeb ghal haddiema ! Prosit lil GWU li ma nafx kemm tiftahar li thobb lil haddiema !

    • This is the monumental fuck -up orchestrated by the late Toni Zarb, Paul Carachi and Robert Borg. Rather than negotiate to purchase the lease of the land where the GWU workers building is situated they opted to invest in this white elephant. The GWU was saved from the brink of bankruptcy by the Labour Government who stepped in to hire 3 floors of this incomplete building through Transport Malta, renting of apartments by the housing authority and renting of the GWU’s offices in Valletta by ARMs. Of course one must not forget the community workers scheme which is being managed by the GWU at a fee for every employee participating in the scheme.
      When it rains TM employees have to bear the stench of drainage as it overflows in the basement of this building. It is also rumoured that sea water has flowed into the lowest basement at foundation level compromising the stabilty of the whole structure. As a trade union this organisation has become just a talk shop capable only of theatrics and drama.

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