Museum of Literature

I’m not giving away any credit to this government, of course. So, I’m happy to say that the “Museum of Literature” that The Times wrote about today was actually one of my projects when I was Executive Chairman of the National Book Council and all the works you can see in the photos of the Times article are works that were done under my tenure. The palace would have been completed and opened already by now, but they have been delaying works ever since I was out and plans surely changed since then.

The palace was actually facing structural problems and we had to hurry with work.

There were many stories about this palace and how eventually I could get hold of it. Very proudly I can say I saved it from falling into the hands of the corrupt mob at the Malta Tourism Authority.










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  1. Can you shed light or comment on its description as a museum? Nothing i read seems to indicate that it is, and i myself wouldnt think it should primarily be so either, although of course a historical element would provide context and be welcome. Well done too.

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