My personal advice to Rosianne Cutajar

Rosianne Cutajar

From a Christian point of view, no one is ever denied the possibility of redemption. Rosianne Cutajar can redeem herself too, by quitting politics and turning into State evidence. She can negotiate a deal with the prosecutor over her crimes and this would be to her own advantage. Rosianne should understand that corruption charges are not time-barred and the Attorney-General will inevitably change, so she has the advantage of cutting a good deal with a corrupt prosecutor, now and before tomorrow. Rosianne Cutajar can reveal many crimes of her associates in Joseph Muscat’s mafia.

Rosianne’s motivation to do so would have to come from personal and political reasons. So, I hope that eventually, Rosianne Cutajar lays down her indignation against me, and invokes more of the same indignation against those who have practically used her as a pawn. The reality is that the people whom she respected, trusted, and adored, all spoke of her in a very crass and vulgar manner and all looked down on her as someone who would very easily be accessible to men in exchange for wealth and power.

So, before Rosianne Cutajar keeps accusing me of breaching her privacy, I hope she understands that ever since I published the chats with Diane Izzo and Yorgen Fenech, there could have been much more chats published that would have embarrassed her even more.

Hopefully, it may one day dawn on her, that her political allies are the ones who actually ruined her political career.


  1. Level headed people would see this chat as vulgar and crass, but Rosianne sees it as a compliment. She might even look forward to your slow reveal…

  2. Mark please publish the chats that will bring this rentseeker down as she is a perfect example of the worst kind of politican that we have more than our fair share of?

  3. Your advice to Rosianne will only be taken seriously when there is an eventual change of government and the Nationalist will go after those heavy weights and their alcolytes who have ravaged and plundered this nation during these past 10 years. I would like to see them implement the recommedations following the inquiry into the murder of DCG. Particularly the appoinment of a magistrate tasked primarily with the investigation of corruption and enactment of laws regarding source and unexplained wealth. But we know that the nationalists will do nothing of the sort as they are dominated and dance to the tune of the same cabal that has hijacked the Labour party and Government.
    Of course there will be accusations and divulgement of sensitive information by those nationalist turncoats who have become buddy buddies with the current champagne labourite brigade. They will do this to save their own skins and with the hope of getting back into the folds of the party they have betrayed.

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