Robert Abela tells his MPs not to comment or to reply to this website and The Shift News and to speak only to MaltaToday

Robert Abela

Yesterday, prime minister Robert Abela told his MPs through his official propagandist with an explicit order that they are not allowed to give any comment to this website or to The Shift News. Instead, they were told to speak only to MaltaToday with official statements they handed over by OPM.

MPs were already not allowed to give any comment to the press unless prompted by the OPM to repeat its statements, but yesterday’s order was made in deep panic as government MPs and Labour delegates are flooding the independent press with stories and information. It’s so obvious what is going on now.

The Labour Party is going through one of its most turbulent times in history with an ongoing rebellion against the Prime Minister who has lost control over his parliamentary group and the Labour Party.

I am also very honoured to be on OPM’s banned list. I know they all read me every single day and it is a great honour to be acknowledged for my increasing influence by my own biggest adversaries.


  1. If I were Matthew Vella or James Debono, or anyone else who has any respect towards the journalism profession, I would be so embarrassed and ashamed that I work for a mercenary paper and the official Pravda of Malta.

    Having said that, there are others who feel honoured if they are considered as mercenaries. They see their lackey and unethical act in the media as a means to an end for a future reward.

  2. Come June 2024 and the discontent amongst Labourites will not only intensify but it will become extremly obvious that RA is leading the Labout party towards an elctoral defeat. Could be he might be tempted to jump ship when the going gets too tough. Members of the Labour party who voted for him as Leader and who are not hogging it, are currently either having doubts or regretting doing so outright. The writing is on the wall.

  3. Robert Abela is the worst Labour leader ever. He is full of himself, arrogant and without shame. He cannot have control over his cabinet but the cabinet cannot do anything about him as they all took more than their fair slice of cheese.

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