Out of her depth

Miriam Dalli

I don’t think I ever remember this kind of crass incompetence and criminal negligence by a government minister in my lifetime. It’s also so disconcerting to see the same minister speak so confidently yet, so unaware of the wide and material implications of her gross stupidity.

Apart from appointing an energy drinks salesman as Enemalta’s CEO, who bragged that he was upgrading the electric grid, Miriam Dalli pays up to €500,000 in consultancies every year to her bażużli. And yet, despite the price tag of these geniuses, apparently, none of them could predict that Summer temperatures would keep rising. Anyone looking at O-level standard scientific charts and essays could have easily understood that temperatures are on the rise. Now, the minister knows – congratulations, dumbass. Prosit Ministru as they say.

Her perspective on the problem is totally ludicrous. “We spent €30 million, then we spent €60 million, and now we are going to spend €100 million, etc… etc…”. They can’t speak about anything other than about spending public money. She is so totally out of her depth that it hurts even to watch and listen.

She also admits to hiring generators from private companies to be used for a village feast in her electoral district, apart from mentioning a list of other places where she hired generators which is mostly all of her constituencies. We are at the stage where they not only admit to their corruption, but they are also bragging about it. I assume these are all signs of the beginning of the end.


  1. Exactly my thoughts, when I first heard that all they came with is ‘doubling’ the investment, I felt that they were at the Sunday market and got us a deal. She just understands doubling and halving presumably and she assumes that the sheep will clap their hands in unision. She has been promoted to her level of incompetence (Peter’s Principles) and this, sprinkled with some narscissism and the Duning Kruger effect will bring her and the party down.

    • She assumes that by following Joseph Muscat’s footsteps (super one personality, MEP, etc.), she has the credentials to become prime minister

      Also notice how half of the current and pervious cabinet, MPs all started at Super One – Julia Farrugia, Chris Cardona, Miriam Dalli, Joseph Muscat, Jonathan Attard, and almost all of the young MPs.

      The pattern is the same. PL voters vote on name and face recognition and not on quality. The same concept applies for the PN to a certain extent but it is less evident over there.

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