Labour’s new divisions and their allies

Joseph Muscat’s inevitable arraignment and arrest over very serious charges of money laundering and embezzlement of funds on the fraudulent public hospitals deal will risk dividing the Labour Party and destroy its long-term prospects of ever governing the country. Joseph Muscat knows that he is in serious trouble with the law and this is why he is conducting a dirty campaign against the Magistrate investigating him.

Joseph Muscat will have very serious difficulty in getting past the Labour Party delegates to get accepted as a Labour Party election candidate, once again. I can not predict the future of course, but I see a higher probability in a scenario where Joseph Muscat starts his own party and decimates the Labour Party’s vote restricting both of them to the Opposition without an absolute majority of the votes. In such a scenario, Joseph Muscat would not be evading justice, but maybe, only prolonging its reach to him given that he wouldn’t be able to win the government. Joseph Muscat can’t win the general elections only with his supporters, even if he gets more votes than Robert Abela.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party itself is divided between Robert Abela’s real-estate mafia and Miriam Dalli’s rebel caucus: so, it’s like barbarian savages fighting each other. None of the current Labour Party factions can pull off a decent government – all the factions are interconnected together through crime and conspiracies like an organised criminal group eating itself.

Meanwhile, there are alliances being made. MaltaToday is steering its position towards the Miriam Dalli camp while It-Torċa and the General Workers’ Union are positioning themselves in favour of Joseph Muscat by conducting his dirty propaganda campaigns.

On a long-term basis, this is good for the nation. The criminal organisation that governs the country is decaying and imploding.



  1. It is not good for the nation. As a political orphan it is good to vote for a principle rather than voting unwillingly to a party to prevent someone else from gaining power.

    Malta is devoid of a moderate democratic liberal party.

    the current choice is between the mafia and the dogma.

  2. Mark I tend to disagree because JM knows he will never achieve the same political popularity or clout he previously enjoyed. As a politician he is finished. He also knows that Labour is in its death throes therefore he has no further need for it. For him and the cabal that installed him to assume control of the Labour party, they have milked the country to their hearts’ delight. So for continuity they now they turn their sights on the Nationalist party again. JM will make underhand agreements with the Nationalists to restore them to power in exchange for not pursuing legal proceedings against him and his minions. He has enough influence and authority with the Cabal to ensure such arrangements. Now that Labour’s aura of invincibility has started to fade there we can expect more leakages and inside information intended to harm the Labour Government. The type about Carmen Ciantar’s alleged involvement with Stewart healthcare. Meanwhile the PN has not consistently and with conviction stated that they will do everything within their power when they are in Government, to bring all those who were involved in the multitude of shadey deals such as Vital/Stewart mess, Electrogas, DCG murder, Marsa flyover project etc to justice. No is only through the likes of you, Shift news, Occupy justice, Repubblika and NGOs that any concrete news or actions emerge.
    PN had no qualms in the past to adopt Mintoff and use him to their advantage. They will have no qualms to do the same with JM.
    JM’s and the Cabal’s main hurdle will be Metsola but she may be constrained to keep away from the Maltese political scene. It is not worth it.
    As to Miriam Dalli..forget it. She is not only dysfunctional but she does not really have any hardcore support within the party or at grass root level.
    We are in for interesting but troublesome times as the sharks will now intensify their feeding frenzy and to hell with the nation and the future.

    • A fascinating observation. Like Mark Camilleri, I like to think I have an open mind. You could be right. I’m not totally sure that “Labour is in its death throes”. And I think Metsola could surprise us. Yes, very tempting to do something big in Europe. But, also quite tempting to come back to her home country and create an earthquake. The next five to ten years will full of surprises.

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