Breaking: Rosianne Cutajar is being investigated by the police for laundering money in Dubai

Rosianne Cutajar

Joseph Caruana, the alleged corrupt and illiterate taxman who signed off a report exculpating Rosianne Cutajar of tax evasion will have a lot of explaining to do to the police. Maybe, he is going to pull off the excuse that he is illiterate and didn’t understand the documents he was given – that would be a reasonable excuse because it would probably be very true.

Rosianne Cutajar is being investigated by the Police’s financial crimes unit for laundering money in Dubai by transporting cash in brown envelopes in intermittent trips of up to two days and two nights. She used to stay in a luxury apartment owned by Lino Farrugia (father of her partner Daniel) in Dubai’s marina.

The investigation by the police was initiated just recently after the Standards Commissioner Judge Joseph Azzopardi passed on supplementary documents of his predecessor’s investigation on Rosianne Cutajar. These documents also include details of dubious bank transfers and the use of a credit card that she didn’t own.

It is very strange why George Hyzler, the previous Standards Commissioner failed to submit these documents to the police. I am informed that the police were told by George Hyzler that legally they had to conduct their own investigation instead of using his material. Following Hyzler’s refusal the police didn’t take any action. Now, that the police were submitted the full documents, an investigation has begun.

This is a developing story and more will be published later.


  1. Wow JA actually doing something,hats off and credit where credit is due unless he has been ordered to make poor Rosie the scapegoat so leaves the others alone?

  2. A cash mule as a member of parliament? What next? Did she ingest bitcoin private keys as well? She keeps amazing us with stunts like no other…Prosit Mark, give us more pls.

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