The construction industry’s war for power extends to the Chamber of Commerce

Marthese Portelli

It was thanks to David Xuereb that the construction lobby had successfully taken over the Chamber of Commerce and positioned the chamber with a pro-government position during the Covid crisis. Just with one term through, chamber members had turned the situation around and made it obvious they intended to vote for his replacement and the choice fell to Marisa Xuereb. Just one month later, the representative of the construction lobby, Marthese Portelli changes her official role and joins the Chamber of Commerce as its CEO.

Apparently, David Xuereb’s plan at the MCESD is very similar, and he is planning to install a CEO of the MCESD from the construction industry. The appointment for the MCESD’s CEO would have to be registered under the pseudo-ministry that falls under the OPM’s responsibility, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Social Dialogue.

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