It’s a real-estate racket and the construction industry has more power as a result

Silvio Schembri and Robert Abela

There are very obvious reasons why Silvio Schembri and Roderick Galdes are experiencing impunity for their corruption and illegal accumulation of wealth and properties with public deals – Robert Abela is also doing the same thing, or at least he is trying to. There are specific cases where Robert Abela has used his power as Prime Minister to make property deals in favour of his interests, notably with some who have been recipients of government contracts. Robert Abela has also been using his wife to mediate such deals, such as when he attempted to acquire property adjacent to his hotel in Gozo.

Silvio Schembri and Roderick Galdes are both allies of Robert Abela to the extent of even defending him in cabinet meetings for his absurdities and stupidity. Robert Abela knows exactly what both of them are doing and they know about his dirty activity. They are like Robert’s inner circle of dirty confidantes. Their choice of corruption fell on real estate and the property market because it is where the Labour Party has very strong links. The opportunistic choice is logical. Now, we not only have the Labour Party dependent on the donations of the construction lobby, but the Prime Minister and his closest allies are doing personal and dirty deals with members of this lobby and industry.

So, there is also no coincidence that Robert Abela’s Labour government has increased its close proximity to the construction industry by appointing its representative, David Xuereb as chairperson of the MCESD. And it is under Robert Abela’s government that we have seen an increased rate of fatalities in the construction industry and more rampant and wild jungle rules – at the same time when David Xuereb becomes chairman of the OHSA and director at the BICC.  Indeed, it is strange and bizarre that government committees that are supposed to safeguard the health and safety of ordinary workers are being led by representatives of big construction names. Sounds like a serious red flag.

The fall in standards, the increased construction activity, the corrupt land deals and the continued destruction of our country are a feature of this government and not a bug.


  1. It’s Lorry Sant all over again. They are just wearing better suits and have six packs this time.

    Mintoff knew what Lorry Sant was doing and turned a blind eye because of what Lorry knew on him. Il-Perit also dipped his finger into the pie. That property or is it properties in Delimara for example. Built on public land u kollox bil-permess naħseb!! And we got to pay him compensation for Tal-Għarix and he got to keep the property too. And how did his brother end up living in a fort? I believe we had to pay his brother compensation too.

    Labour has always pillaged public property for personal gain. Partit Tal-Ħaddiem my foot.

  2. And the biggest trade union, that is also meant to protect the rights of the workers, is also silent. They are complicit.

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