A team effort to cover up for Anton Refalo

Anton Refalo

Upon receiving notice from the Attorney-General that one of her prosecutors was working on a file to arraign the Gozo Minister, Anton Refalo for stealing public and cultural heritage property, the Minister for Justice Jonathan Attard has asked the Attorney-General to postpone the arraignment of Anton Refalo until the government finds “a solution.” By “finding a solution” the government means covering up for Anton Refalo.

Now, Anton Refalo is pressuring Minister for Culture, Owen Bonnici to change the Cultural Heritage Act so as to prevent his arraignment. Anton Refalo wants to add provisions in the cultural heritage act that would basically regularise any unidentified and unregistered cultural heritage owned by private individuals. Owen Bonnici has also discussed Anton Refalo’s proposal with Heritage Malta’s chairman Mario Cutajar. Supporting Anton Refalo’s request is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Culture Joyce Dimech,  who coincidentally also worked for Refalo and Mario Cutajar at the OPM.

Naturally, the Police Commissioner won’t do anything to intervene and stop this fraud and total criminal perversion of justice. So, given the Police Commissioner’s abdication from his duties, allow me to present you Anton Refalo’s driver and the robber who stole the British-era marker for his boss. His name is Robert Borg.


  1. Brilliant Mark keep up the great work,you and the shift are my favourite go to places for seeing what the pigs are scoffing unlike the other so called sites that never update new stories for a week or so

  2. If an exchange, as described, really occurred between Victoria Buttigieg and Jonathan Attard, that would be in blatant violation of Article 91(3) of the Constitution. But then someone once said that the Constitution was just a piece of paper in which one could wrap anchovies!
    Any “regularisation” ex post facto after that a criminal offence has already been committed would have to take account of the provisions of the Interpretation Act, particularly of Article 12 of that law. It’s not impossible, of course, as can be seen from the use of the words “unless the contrary intention appears”.
    Just before the 1987 general elections the Government proposed an amnesty — I forget what the excuse then was — which in effect granted a reduction of punishment to any person who had committed any criminal offence before the date of the publication of the amnesty, and even if that person had not yet been arraigned in court charged with that offence! The amnesty became law with its publication under Article 93 of the Constitution (smell of anchovies apart). No second guesses as to who that amnesty was intended for.

  3. Watch Anton Refalo in a night at the museum, featuring Angelo Gafa , Robert Abela and
    Victoria Buttigieg ! Pajjiz tan nejk daqs taghna m’hawnx !

  4. This would be a disaster for our historical heritage. Imagine some Neanderthal owns a field and accidentally discovers say a punic tomb. Or worse some roman villa. This law would allow the individual to freely sell what he finds on ebay.

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