Rats unite: you have everything to lose if Labour loses the government

Simon Mercieca, a disinformation propogandist on Yorgen Fenech's team.

I’m lately being selective with the explicit vocabulary I use here given Google’s advertising algorithm,  but you get the idea. I prefer the four-letter word that starts with an “s” in this case because it is more appropriate.

In any case, allow me to explain. The Office of the Prime Minister rarely replies to emails from the press or journalists and if it does it wouldn’t be to answer questions, but just to repeat its already well-publicised messages. OPM is close to Saviour Balzan and uses his media organisation as a vessel for its propaganda. Excluding Saviour Balzan, OPM has, in general, a very hostile attitude to the press.

You wouldn’t guess with whom the OPM is in contact from the press and to whom it quickly replies to questions. Or maybe you would. One of OPM’s favoured writers and pseudo-journalists is that demented scum Simon Mercieca.  They even issued a denial through him about a story of mine. The OPM is literally using Yorgen Fenech’s writer to deny and contradict my stories. Well, I would say this is expected given that the rats are swarming together in panic and desperation.

You would expect them to make a better effort to contradict my stories by for example issuing denials with Saviour Balzan with fabulously constructed counter-narratives, instead of just using an anti-vaxxer conspiracy scumbag who writes for Yorgen Fenech – but they are so bloody stupid they can’t even save themselves.


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