Covered up by the taxman

Christian Borg

I’m very glad Rosianne Cutajar is bragging that the taxman has exculpated her from any wrongdoing over receiving bribes from Yorgen Fenech. One of the characteristics of these criminals is that they are total imbeciles and can’t keep their mouths shut for their own good.

So, when Rosianne Cutajar is using the taxman to brag about her innocence, you know there must be something wrong with the taxman. The current taxman is Joseph Caruana, a Labour Party diehard, and appointee who worked in several ministries, resigned as permanent secretary of the Ministry for Education on corruption allegations, and eventually got promoted to the chief taxman. He has no expertise or experience in tax or finance matters.

The investigation by the tax authorities on Rosianne Cutajar began before Joseph Caruana entered the tax department and the previous taxman was a hallmark for corruption. Joseph Caruana is, of course, ensuring not to embarrass the Party by covering up the corruption of his predecessor. Fake government inquiries also absolved Marvin Gaerty of wrongdoing.

Marvin Gaerty not only did he cover up for Rosianne Cutajar, but was also involved in multi-million Euro tax frauds himself, by for example allowing and issuing €5 million in fraudulent VAT refunds that were blatantly and explicitly obvious and at face value fraudulent, but were allowed to continue at extreme lengths. This was not an oversight or a mistake by the VAT Department but a willing and deliberate cover-up and abetting of Christian Borg’s fraud. In fact, the Times of Malta is wrong in its reporting that Christian Borg has been investigated by the tax authorities. Christian Borg has been investigated by the police over tax fraud without much help and cooperation of the tax authorities and only after very serious insistence by several police officers. The police have concluded a tax-fraud investigation on Christian Borg and are willing to prosecute him but the Attorney-General has also held the prosecution back on very dubious technicalities. For more context, Marvin Gaerty went to Las Vegas with Christian Borg – really, they can’t save themselves as already said.

Christian Borg has been actively covered-up by many government and state officials, but justice is quickly catching up with him and against tall odds. The recently announced magisterial inquiry will bring even more charges against him than the already pending VAT charges which will see him face years in jail on those alone. Christian Borg will be facing multiple charges which may see him end up serving life in jail – it may be in his interest to disclose to the authorities what he knows about his previous business partner and favourite friend, Prime Minister Robert Abela.


  1. You are normally so spot on but on this I must bring to your attention what I do feel is a doubtful statement.

    You state here that “eventually got promoted to the chief taxman. He has no expertise or experience in tax or finance matters.”

    Are you serious? Perhaps you should read again that Times of Malta report. These brothers certainly have become very adept with their own personal finances. Does not that count for something?

  2. A member of the Labour Party who holds a prominent position ,removed and deleted several thousands of fines issued to Christian Borg and his associates , when employed at Lesa, We hope that these actions will undergo a thorough investigation!

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