A very clever opportunist that represents the construction lobby

David Xuereb

Word travels fast when I declare an unknown, and apparently, David Xuereb, the Chairman of the MCESD and the mannequin used by the Labour Party for its events and theatrical government meetings is an architect who fronts big interests of the construction industry. He has positioned himself as a middleman and broker between big construction interests such as the Stivala Group and the government which uses him as a prop to claim that it has the approval and support of the business community. Apparently, David Xuereb was recently also in touch with Adriana Żammit, with whom he shared his solidarity. Adriana Zammit is the architect accused of the involuntary murder of a worker in a corrupt project by Labour Party contractors.

Welcome to the anti-thesis of the sponsored propaganda of Malta’s rent-seekers by Content House. The country is going through multiple national crises and it is in the public interest to know who is propping up this criminal government and who is working to rebuild our nation.

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