Questions to the Prime Minister

In order to bring some context to the whitewashing campaigns in favour of Robert Abela, especially through pseudo-interviews by his supporters in the press industry, here are the questions that would be asked to him by an independent journalist.

– You are the subject of many serious allegations including corruption, insider trading, fraud, embezzlement, and also of defending known criminals. Let’s start with the latter. You have been accused of personally appointing a Labour Party employee to help cover up for a known criminal and drug dealer called Christian Borg, telling this employee personally through Whatsapp “ħudli ħsiebu.” The lawyer of Christian Borg is also your brother-in-law. Why are you helping Christian Brog through Labour Party employees and why is your family still close to him? A reasonable politician would have ensured that his family members and Party employees would have no contact with him whatsoever, yet you are doing the opposite as if you are afraid of him. 

– There are serious allegations that Kurt Buhagiar, the contractor who is charged with involuntary manslaughter has a connection with you. Do you deny that you had any connection with this person at any point in life? 

– Can you explain to the general public why Kurt Buhagiar was celebrating the Labour Party’s electoral victory with you in your office at Mile End during last year’s Party’s election victory celebrations?

– You have successfully taken over the Labour Party thanks to the help and support of Joseph Muscat after you promised him that you will protect him. What are you doing as a Prime Minister to ensure that Joseph Muscat does not get arrested and prosecuted?

– You have forced your MPs to vote against the public inquiry of Jean-Paul Sofia only to announce a public inquiry a couple of days later after you came back from your holiday with your yacht. Nobody believes that decisions in your parliamentary group are taken collectively and Labour Party cabinet ministers admit outright that cabinet decisions are taken according to your personal diktat. What do you think is your role in the history of Maltese politics after humiliating parliament in this manner?

– You lied to the whole nation when you said that the Magistrate had asked for an extension to the public inquiry. Do you think you have committed fraud on a national scale? Do you think it is acceptable to defraud public documents and use the judiciary for your own political ends? 

– You have so far based your economic policy exclusively and strictly on increased social subsidies. Do you think you are leaving a ginormous problem to your successors by depleting the government’s finances? You will be leaving the finances of the government in an incredibly horrible state compared to how you found them. Do you think you are marring the Labour Party’s legacy with economic wreckage or are you proud of the government’s finances?

– You are pushing one of the most authoritarian laws on free speech in the history of Maltese politics. Do you think you are insecure and afraid of criticism?

– Many Labour Party delegates accuse you of turning the Labour Party into your personal fiefdom. There has never been as much dissent in the Party as there is today in many years. Do you think you are a divisive figure who has failed not only to unite the nation but also failed to unite your own party?

I could go on, but you get the idea.

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