Foreshadowing Miriam Dalli’s premiership

MaltaToday is already foreshadowing Miriam Dalli’s premiership. Miriam Dalli is leading the Labour Party’s rebel caucus and is organising a team for her premiership. MaltaToday which is the Labour Party’s unofficial English-language voice will probably be aligned with her leadership bid once the wind from Robert Abela’s sail is completely taken away.

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  1. It intrigues me to know why Labour politicians hand gesture so much. Mintoff did it. Both Sants too. Miriam Dalli continously. Her preferred gesture is a ‘pastizz ‘ sign that for a Maltese has many connotations. There must be a psychology behind it. Their great Saviour is also doing it now whilst stuttering and stammering. The rude, rough and ready way he pointed at Mark Anthony Sammut on Xtra in defence of Dalli, in my opinion uncovered his mask.

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