A gentle reminder that the Labour Party is a criminal organisation

Two years have passed after the public inquiry on the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the government has implemented none of the recommendations of the public inquiry. Since then, the Labour Party has opposed a law proposed in parliament by the Opposition to criminalise political connections with organised crime, opposed laws addressing undeclared wealth, and apart from refusing to celebrate her legacy, is proposing instead to build a monument of ex-Labour Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici in front of Castille.

Labour is being whitewashed by its propagandists, projecting it as a legitimate political party with legitimate political aspirations – it is not. The sooner people realise that the Labour Party has become a criminal organisation, the sooner political change will come. What’s so offensive about the pro-Labour propaganda treating Labour as a legitimate political organisation is that even the Labour Party MPs knowingly and willingly behave as if they are in a criminal organisation instead of acting like politicians. When Labour MPs voted many times over in favor of organised crime, such as when they opposed laws against organized crime in politics and when they opposed a public inquiry on the death of Jean Paul Sofia, they knew they were defending organised crime and its connections with the Labour Party. To make sure that it leaves its mark as an authoritarian remnant of the past, the Labour Party is even pressing with the most authoritarian law on free speech in our history.

In practice, we are experiencing in real-time the consequences of a criminal organization in government – a national crisis caused by constant power outages due to the decrypt and failing infrastructure of our national electricity company. Nothing has changed ever since this national crisis has passed and no one wants to take responsibility. Electrogas and Shanghai Electric are making lucrative profits from Enemalta due to corrupt and bad contracts signed by Enemalta on gas and oil purchases. The electric grid is in a decrypted state and the government is throwing money at it to be handled by corrupt officials without any strategic plan. Enamalta is basically, bankrupt and the crass incompetence, chaos, and corruption which run it will only increase. It will be more of the same under Labour.

It’s naive or outright deceiving to depict a criminal organisation plunging the nation into multiple crises as a legitimate political party that can change for the better and repay its debts to the nation without mentioning the obvious that this organization needs to first and foremost be dismantled and broken before it can willingly find the need to change for the better.

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