Update on Anton Refalo

Anton Refalo

This week there have been conflicting reports on whether Gozo Minister Anton Refalo was to resign. Although a case is being prepared against Refalo for stealing cultural heritage property, this has not been concluded yet, giving more time to Robert Abela to figure out his next moves. This is good for Robert Abela who is losing support and control in the Labour Party. Robert Abela can’t yet figure out how to go ahead with a cabinet reshuffle, and this plan has become ever more difficult due to various circumstances, including the fact that he doesn’t want to seem to be starting a conflict against Miriam Dalli.

Anton Refalo stole a British-era marker thanks to his driver and one of his canvassers – they were ordered by Refalo himself to steal the object. Apparently, this secret is well known in the Labour Party but when confronted about it by Robert Abela, Anton Refalo denied this. Basically, Anton Refalo was asked to resign but Refalo intends to be forced out – just like Rosianne Cutajar did because apparently, these narcissists all have very similar behavioural traits.


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