How did Clyde Caruana and Robert Abela come to blows?

Minister of Finance. Clyde Caruana

Last Monday, Clyde Caruana and Robert Abela scuffled with each other after a cabinet meeting. This is how it went.

During the cabinet meeting, Robert Abela threatened Clyde Caruana telling him “Be careful what you say because you are damaging my reputation.” Robert Abela is currently bullying his fellow Party comrades into submission. The cabinet meeting proceeded as normal after Robert’s threat but when Robert wanted to adjourn the meeting, Clyde blurted out “No, we are not going to adjourn. Did you know what you have said to me? So, let me tell you (Ħa ngħidlek jien…)”. And Robert interrupted and told him – “let’s speak in my office”.

As Clyde entered Robert’s office, Clyde approached Robert in anger in the way that someone would do to another man who had just threatened him, eyes boiling, chest puffed up, and fist in the air, and started scuffling with him until Ryan Spagnol, the Cabinet Secretary had to separate them.

Clyde Caruana has been humiliated by his colleagues after they ignored his constant pleas for austerity in government finances. However, let’s make this clear. Clyde Caruana is the author of the budget. He has the direct and executive power to withhold any funds from government entities, and most importantly, he can choose, with the power of the pen to erase or change any line votes in the budget document.

Clyde is learning the hard way that being a lackey does not gain you any respect.


  1. Id-disastru li ninsabu fih huwa ukoll ta Clyde Caruana ghaliex huwa kien il-perciness biex Malta tigi invaduta u jkun hawn l-iskjavitu tal-haddiem.

    Il-minimum wage f’ Malta hija ta €4.20 fis siegha. Ghaliex ghadu ma hasibx biex issir il-living wage f’ Malta?

    Ma ninsewx ukoll li taht dan il-Ministru fadal / hemm il fuq minn 100,000 fir riskju jew fil faqar,

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