A 22-year old director of a government water company

Katrina Cuschieri

The government has created a new water management company called ClearWaterPlus and it is a subsidiary of the Water Services Corporation. One of its directors is Katrina Cuschieri, the daughter of disgraced ex-MFSA chief Joseph Cuschier and the granddaughter of President George Vella.

Katrina Cuschieri’s appointment comes at a time when Malta is facing a serious heat crisis exacerbated by constant power cuts. Criminal negligence has led to a total breakdown of Malta’s electricity distribution resulting in many fatalities due to the heat.

And yet, despite the self-inflicted crisis brought by outright criminal negligence in Enemalta, the government insults us in our faces by keeping up its corruption and criminal negligence in its public companies by appointing its own children to public company boards.


    • That’s great “meritocracy” Joanne. What arrogance. They think that everyone is an idiot. We must bring this castle of thieves down.

    • Not bad for a 22 year old! What studies did she pursue to hold such an appointment? She must have a baggage of experience ! Meritocracy at it’s best! L-aqwa zmien for all of them to get paid handsomely from our hard earned taxes. Shame! Shame! Shame on all of you!

  1. Based on the ID card numbers of these appointees, most of the appointed directors are inexperienced millennials. They are all a joke.

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