Anton Refalo may resign by the end of next week

Anton Refalo

Attorney General Victoria Buttiġieġ is waiting for her office to conclude the documentation for the arraigning of Anton Refalo. Robert Abela intends to announce Anton Refalo’s resignation by the end of this week after he was informed by the AG of his imminent arraignment.

Robert Abela is also attempting to use Anton Refalo’s arraignment in court as an excuse for a cabinet reshuffle to regain control over his cabinet, however, Robert Abela is finding it extremely difficult to remove any Minister from his role. In a cabinet reshuffle, Miriam Dalli would be the default candidate to lose her ministry, however, Miriam Dalli is a contender for the leadership race, so punishing her performance by changing her ministry would be the equivalent of opening a public confrontation against her. Robert Abela is in a very tight place, but this is to be expected when the Party is against you.

Robert Abela is a coward and may very well leave Miriam Dalli as a Minister for Energy, so instead he is aiming to pick on his weakest links like Aaron Farrugia who has a dismal track record in cabinet. However, Robert has no intentions to remove Clayton Bartolo or Silvio Schembri from their posts given they are his close allies, and also defended him on his position against the public inquiry on Jean-Paul Sofia’s death.

It is yet unclear wether Robert Abela will be able to pull off this reshuffle.


  1. If Anton Refalo is no longer a Minister, there would no need to do a reshuffle. Simply, promote Alicia Bugeja Said from a Parliamentary Secretary to a Minister – after all this has been Abela’s plan as from day one.

    • Alicia Bugeja?? I doubt how much she knows the difference between a rabbit and a hare, let alone be responsible for our most abysmal Animal Welfare Department.

      • The grapevine in M’ Xlokk is humming with the rumour that Alicia Said is going into buisness of sea urchin farming with a well known local entrepreneure. Hence the latest moratorium on the gathering of sea urchins from the maltese seabed.
        Moreover she has grown quite unpopular with the costituents of the 3rd District particularly those from M’xlokk. However since she is one of those anointed females who made it to parliament through the shamefull discriminatory gender quota mechanisim, she is not bothered to make herself available for her costituents. After all she may still make it to parliament even if she is not elected next time round.
        If Robert intends to keep appointing nincompops and kindergarden ministers with oversized egos. Yes then she really fits the grade.

  2. Mark, mela ma tafx min garra din l-gebla mill post pubbliku ghal fejn l-pool, bil lejl, u zewg haddiema tal-gvern??? Kem ma tafu xejn! Ghadix kollu jaf hlief intom donnu

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