The Labour Party’s lead over the Nationalist Party is down by 5%

Robert Abela

Polls published tomorrow will show that the Labour Party’s lead over the Nationalist Party is down by 5% and Robert Abela’s trust rating is cratering.

Over the past week, Robert Abela has also demanded pollsters and pro-Labour newspapers who are under the government’s payroll to change their surveys’ results by faking his trust rating. It is yet to be seen whether the recipients of this indecent proposal have accepted it.

Vincent Marmara, the pro-Labour pollster concluded a poll just before Parliament’s vote on Jean-Paul Sofia’s public inquiry but refused to publish it given it was showing a significant reduction in Labour voters. Following the vote on the public inquiry, both the Labour Party’s and Robert Abela’s trust ratings kept cratering.


  1. So Malta Today’s poll suggests the PN has overturned the deficit plaguing the party for over a decade but Abela’s trust rating retains a “comfortable lead”. The ToM survey suggests a dip in Labour support and a stagnant PN. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. But back to Abela’s trust rating. Let’s assume that the survey results have not been tampered with. That’s how voters who religiously push for a party do – let’s give them a “warning”; show them a yellow card by saying we won’t vote for the party. But then say we trust the party’s leader. That is how poor the political landscape in Malta is. Labour voters in the next election will still vote Labour even if they are disgruntled now. A good chunk of floaters will still vote Labour because these people thrive in a lawless mockery we refer to as a European state. There’s also the effect of social media on people’s emotions, thoughts and judgment. SM is wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Not only has teen depression and suicide rate increased post 2011 (when SM was available on one’s smart phone) but the political thought process too. Political parties have a new rival to do battle against and it’s much worse then the rival they are supposed to overcome. Labour has become an expert in using SM to play with people’s mind. Which ultimately means that a rethink on policy making is required. The “N” party system has failed us. It is time to vote in people who are not representing anyone but themselves and who would build a team around them to tackle specific areas. My country’s energy “minister” needs to be well versed in “energy”-related matters. He/she must have studied the field whether through physics or engineering. The “minister” shouldn’t for crying out loud be an ex-super 1 reporter with zero background in anything energy-related. Ask the “minister” how power generation works or why voltage needs to be stepped up during transmission and you’ll get a smirk and a rude, arrogant comment on the lines of “ask that to the PN who have wasted years, bla bla bla”. Good luck Malta.

    • Your comment is just too realistic to be taken seriously in Malta. Its too normal and would change our lives in ways Malta cannot imagine. Thats to say Malta would not be able to get building permits in ODZ and become rich overnight, shoot birds, fire ear splitting petards incessantly, make financial deals with ministers, take over public space to increase business, drive like a maniac if you so feel like it … endless heaven

    • While I tend to agree with most of the points dwelt upon by “sparky” in my opinion he omitted 3 very important factors that need considering. First that the number of nationalist turncoats compensating votes that have served to make up for labourites who do not vote or even vote against are now having a change of heart. Joseph Muscat along with his disgraced fab three are now gone. During Muscat’s years a lot of nationalists where either bribed or won over due to his charismatic way of projecting the Labour party and populist achievements. The euro 700m bonanza to upgrade Malta’a road network was the cheese used to entice the maltese contractors to his side. The majority of these with a few exceptions, are all nationalist opportunists who opted to ride Muscat’s gravy train. Then we had the one time deals such as that of the Kafe premiere, Gaffarena, ITS in st Julians, Dragonara etc. A lot of Nationalists so called loyalists were either promoted, assigned strategic government positions or retained in their previous positions. All this is paling into insignificance as they witness labour floundering under Robert Abela’s leadership. Robert Abela is the worst prime minister this nation has ever had and it has become apparent even to the most diehard intelligent Labour supporter. Labour can no longer count on Nationalist turncoats.
      The second point is that all the the badly planned initiatves, such as the up-grade of the road network are failing and now everyone is suffering the consequences. Delays in the completion of Projects and overruns. Add to these the corrupt deals such as the privitisation of the Hospitals and the Power station debacle. Then we have the constant litany of blunders made by nincompops placed at the helm of state entities such as TM. These are all coming to a head and everyone is feeling the effect.
      Third point is that there are a substantial number of disgruntled labour supporters who can no longer stomach the blunders, U-turns and discrimination against them by the very government they have elected and the party they support. Although some are not concerned about corruption however they are sick and tired of the nepotisim and parrochialisim which result in discrimination even between staunch labourites. While the select few are hogging it at the trough the majority have to beg their local Minister for a favour even to have an appoinment for an MRI expedited.

  2. Il-poplu ma jridx arroganza. L-arja ta’ imbattibilita’ qed toghsfor, qisha buzzieqa li intefhet izzejjed u issa daqt tinfaqa’.

    Psikologikament, il-poplu qed jibda jemmen li bidla hi possibli.

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