Scoop: Robert Abela bangs on the table and describes critics and rebels as “traitors”

Yesterday, Robert Abela called an urgent meeting of the Labour Party executive committee. It was very strange that he did so because such meetings are planned well in advance and he hadn’t attended a meeting since the committee voted to oust Rosianne Cutajar from the Parliamentary Group.

Robert Abela hosted this meeting simply to shout, curse, insult, and accuse people of being traitors. He banged, shouted and screamed for half an hour straight at his committee members, screaming at them “Anyone who gives information to NET News or Mark Camilleri is a traitor”.

Mind you, I spent many more years of activism and voluntary work in the Labour Party than this idiot has spent as Prime Minister and politician combined. Yet, this piece of useless criminal garbage, Robert, thinks he is entitled to call me and Labour rebels “traitors”. The man wasn’t even ever a Labour Party activist or delegate – just a rent-seeker sucking free government money from Lawrence Gonzi as we conducted the political battle in the streets.

What a total piece of shit this man is.

Oh, the meeting of the executive committee was just about that – thirty minutes of Robert Abela threatening and insulting anyone who dares criticise him or confront him.

What an absolutely horrible person. And to think that there are people like Saviour Balzan who are actively supporting this piece of trash.


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