Too ashamed to show herself

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

Miriam Dalli was today expected to attend the yearly concert by the Band Queen Victoria in celebration of the Festa tal-Madonna tal-Karmnu. Żurrieq is also part of her district so this is a big event for her or any other politician in the district.

Apparently, there has been a power cut in Żurrieq as part of a series of never-ending power cuts in Malta. People have been complaining about excessive and unusually long power cuts lasting for hours and even whole nights or days in some areas. I am actually surprised with the increasing dysfunction and the last time it felt like this was in the 1980s.

In any case, Banda Queen Victoria played their concert anyway because it is equipped with generators and all the Ministers and MPs from the district attended – except for Miriam Dalli who apparently was too ashamed to attend.


  1. Those complaining and voted Labour – Vote Labour and expect this and worse. I’m pretty sure if you go to effing BEG or threaten with a no vote your plight will be heard. That’s still the mentality in 2023 in Malta – beg for a “jop”, beg for services to be fast tracked. We allow half-arsed politicians to run the country and then get all frustrated when things don’t go to plan. You voted in the corrupt lot so expect your life under their rule to be “corrupt” and by corrupt I am not inferring monetary corruption.

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