Matthew Schembri like Kurt Buhagiar also has deep connections with the Labour Party

So far, I have covered a lot about Kurt Buhagiar,  but what about his business partner Matthew Schembri? Matthew Schembri and Kurt Buhagiar are both the owners of the company that irregularly acquired government land in which a worker died building their factory.

Apparently, Matthew Schembri like Kurt Buhagiar is also very fond of the Labour Party and he is connected with the right people. In fact, Matthew Schembri is the nephew of George Muscat, Chairman and owner of GAP Holdings, a company that is currently undertaking corrupt deals with Minister Silvio Schembri over public land deals.

Matthew Schembri, however, who hails from Qormi is closer to Robert Abela than to Silvio Schembri despite the common connection with GAP who support Silvio Schembri’s election campaign. During the 2017 general election campaign, Matthew Schembri had a garage registered in his name in Qormi where he fraudulently registered a number of people to vote for Robert Abela.

And also like Kurt Buhagiar, Matthew Schembri seems to be a hardened criminal.


George Muscat, Chairman of GAP Holdings

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