Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister for the Economy Silvio Schembri are covering up for Kurt Buhagiar

Silvio Schembri and Robert Abela

Robert Abela lied when in Parliament he denied any connection with Kurt Buhagiar: he does have a connection with Kurt Buhagiar and Robert Abela also covered up, knowingly and willingly for Kurt Buhagiar by refusing a public inquiry and keeping him employed at LANDS. There is a very long story about Kurt Buhagiar’s connections with the Labour Party and Robert Abela, and it is, gradually coming together.

We have already dealt with the aspect of the story about Kurt Buhagiar’s origins as a building contractor and businessman through his connections that were forged when he was employed as a driver of Malta Enterprise’s CEO, William Wait, and as a collector of donations for the Labour Party from building contractors in 2017.

Now we have to turn to the story of when Kurt Buhagiar became employed at LANDS and then to the story when he eventually acquired public land with his business partner Matthew Schembri. It is alleged that Kurt Buhagiar acts as a front for Robert Vella, the LANDS CEO, so it is important that we can confirm this and to do so we need to have a clear picture with many details.

Kurt Buhagiar worked at Water Services Corporation before joining LANDS as Robert Vella’s driver. What is interesting is that Kurt Buhagiar arrived at LANDS with Robert Vella on the very first day that Vella stepped into his office as CEO. This humble Planning Authority case officer who suddenly became CEO of LANDS graced his office at LANDS on the first day of his arrival in his Jaguar, driven by a Water Services employee.

Immediately, it was obvious that Kurt Buhagiar was never just Robert Vella’s driver. He was assigned several cases by Robert Vella to take care of and Kurt used to handle various case files as a driver that were not in his remit to read or handle. What is most important in this detail is that Silvio Schembri had ordered Robert Vella and the other senior managers at LANDS to specifically look at and address in a favorable manner the cases that involved his constituents. Kurt Buhagiar has a close relationship with Silvio Schembri and is known to be a diligent servant. Robert Vella is being accused by several contractors of facilitating the public deal for GAP who helps sponsor Silvio Schembri’s political campaign. In fact, Kurt Buhagiar also attended the private party held by Silvio Schembri for his staff and his inner circle at the Ministry’s office in Merchants’ Street in December 2021.

Kurt Buhagiar was also rewarded for his services by Silvio Schembri. Prior to the general election of 2022, Kurt Buhagiar was given a job as a case officer in LANDS with a vacancy written specifically for him by Yanica Abela on the specific instructions of Silvio Schembri’s Head of Secretariat, Roberta Albanese. Kurt Buhagiar also celebrated Labour’s election victory with Robert Abela on the fourth floor of the Labour Party Headquarters. So, again, no wonder both Robert Abela and Silvio Schembri have been very adamant in their position against holding a public inquiry.

Kurt Buhagiar has served the Labour Party well, but he is also being protected extensively because he knows too much about Robert Abela and Silvio Schembri, and excluding Kurt Buhagiar’s past as a human trafficker, which we have to still delve into more detail, Kurt Buhagiar knows too much about Robert Abela and Silvio Schembri by knowing which public land deals were the causes of kickbacks and bribes. Since the news broke out that Jean Paul Sofia had died in the public property granted to Kurt Buhagiar and Matthew Schembri, both Silvio Schembri and Robert Abela were fully aware of the case and who was responsible for the development site. and despite knowing fully well the circumstances of the case, both of them made an active and willing decision to keep Kurt Buhagiar employed at LANDS where he still works to this very day.


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