Giovanni Scolaro was involved in a building collapse in 2019, but there is more

This is an interesting find, although not directly related to Jean Paul Sofia’s case. Giovanni Scolaro, Kurt Buhagiar’s Italian business partner was involved in the collapse of a building in Guardamangia in 2019. SC Building was responsible for the construction site adjacent to the building that collapsed. Giovanni Scolaro has a phantom company with Kurt Buhagiar and at one point Kurt Buhagiar was also part-owner of SC Building.

Now, here is where it gets very interesting. The owner of the development site is JS Dimech Lt or rather, Josef Dimech, who has just been awarded a blockbuster deal by Minister for the Economy Silvio Schembri.

Allow me to recap quickly. Kurt Buhagiar and Matthew Schembri were given public property to build a factory. The government entities responsible for such allocation are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy (INDIS and LANDS). LANDS is run by Robert Vella a friend of Robert Abela. Silvio Schembri is also a very close ally of Robert Abela and was also against the public inquiry. Silvio Schembri also gave a very good deal to Josef Dimech who contracted Giovanni Scolaro and Kurt Buhagiar for a project.

What’s very interesting in all of this is that gradually we are uncovering a network of government-backed contractors and businessmen which eventually leads to a trail of Party donations, bribes, kickbacks, and the corrupt allocation of public resources.


  1. Makes you wonder, as part of investigations it’s not unusual to come across other not directly related interesting facts. Pure speculation but not unrealistic to wonder what else may she have found out or figured about the actors involved. ? might this be part of the root cause of this childish behaviour and attitude?

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