Robert’s self-serving constitutional crisis

Robert Abela

Robert Abela is causing a constitutional crisis to defend his interests and continue covering up for criminals. There has never been such an unprecedented attack on the Maltese judiciary and never before has there been a Prime Minister who would try to fraudulently and deceivingly attack a magistrate with public lies. There has also rarely if ever in Maltese history an attorney-general who conspired against the judiciary whilst collaborating and serving the interests of politicians in government.

Robert Abela thinks that even on the most sensitive case and issues, he can pull off some theatre and gimmicks, put the blame on someone else and expect to be applauded for it. He genuinely thinks that people are stupid enough to keep believing his lies and that whatever he does he will eventually be excused or get away with it. This is why Abela is also insisting that he wants to appoint the head of the public inquiry on Jean-Paul Sofia’s death. After going to great efforts to make sure that the public inquiry does not happen, Robert Abela will now have full and direct control over it.

In these circumstances, Robert Abela’s position as a Prime Minister is no longer tenable. A Prime-Minister using and lying about the judiciary for his own political ends is incompatible with a basic and functioning democracy that needs a clear separation of powers. This is not the first time that Robert Abela has played with the judiciary. Robert Abela is known to be in direct contact over Whatsapp with Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech. However, Magistrate Marseanne Farrugia who is conducting the inquiry on Jean-Paul Sofia’s death, doesn’t communicate with the Prime Minister over Whatsapp or other means. She doesn’t give him any confidence and is doing her job separately from her political demands as the law entails without giving him any due importance to her work.

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