Leading the Rebels’ Caucus

Miriam Dalli and Kurt Farrugia

Miriam Dalli is undoubtedly the leader of the new Party rebel caucus. However, Miriam Dalli would be rather isolated to single-handedly challenge the Premier and this is why Chris Fearne is still very useful. Fearne can take more risks because he is not bidding for the leadership – he already lost that. On the other hand, Miriam Dalli is building her team for the leadership race, and she will be challenging Silvio Schembri who is Robert Abela’s preferred candidate.

Also, pay attention that Kurt Farrugia is a very thoughtful planner of communications and he doesn’t like surprises. The fact that Joseph Muscat has made a statement on the public inquiry today, shouldn’t be taken as a coincidence.

Miriam Dalli has broken off relations with Joseph Muscat but that doesn’t mean they can’t use each other if the opportunity permits. Miriam Dalli is still covering up for Joseph Muscat as well on his corrupt energy projects of the past.


  1. Mark, you also need to analyse why the rebellion. The rebellion is being led because of greed and love for the corrupt entity they are subscribed to not because of love towards country.

    The polls are giving indications that the seeds to the beginning of the end to this nightmare have been sowed. Saviour Balzan was the main adviser to Robert Abela today. You will learn more this Sunday. Unless something funny happens between today and Sunday.

  2. Wasn’t Miriam Dalli handpicked by Muscat to be his successor and trained to be just that? So how exactly has she “broken off relations” with the Muscats when she never denounced the rampant corruption that was allowed to happen on his watch?

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