There are obvious reasons why the Prime Minister doesn’t want a public inquiry

There are obvious reasons why Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Labour Party are fighting tooth and nail against a public inquiry on the death of Jean Paul Sofia. Firstly, there is a connection between Robert Vella of LANDs and Kurt Buhagiar with the Prime Minister himself. Apart from the fact that Robert Vella is Robert Abela’s friend, there are also allegations about Robert Abela having been involved in criminal activity with Kurt Buhagiar – however, these are allegations that can be hard to prove and time may be needed for their emergence.

However, there is another more imminent and obvious reason why the government is objecting to a public inquiry. The transfer of the land to Allplus for a development project is a textbook case of a shady deal as can be evidenced by the fraudulent company’s fraudulent accounts. Basically, someone from the government handed out a piece of public land to a new company, that came from nowhere with accounts that at face value look obviously fraudulent. The land was transferred to Allplus, Kurt Buhagiar, and Matthew Schembri’s company by INDIS, Malta’s industrial parks administrator, but LANDS, the government property department, would have had to approve of the transfer. Kurt Buhagiar worked at LANDS as the CEO’s driver (Robert Vella). Allplus is supposedly a manufacturing company of furniture. Kurt Buhagiar entered the construction industry and began doing contracting jobs thanks to the connections he obtained as a Labour Party activist and by being a driver to Malta Enterprise’s CEO, William Wait.

The company’s public accounts are a textbook case of a fraudulent company that is washing money. These are its accounts from when it was registered in 2019 as of its latest submission in 2021. The company starts literally from nothing and in 2021, it suddenly makes €290,000. In 2020 it makes a revenue of only around €9,000.

It is incredible how some people in Malta make business. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how Kurt Buhagiar did it.

1 . Work as a driver to the boss who can give you public land for a factory.
2. Actively work in the Labour Party in the donations collection campaigns so as to meet big donors, namely construction businessmen.
3. Become a contractor.
4. Get a job as a driver to the boss responsible for public land.
5. Start a fraudulent company.
6. Inject a large sum of revenue in your financials.
7. Apply for government land to build a factory.
8. Build a factory the cheapest way possible by one of the worst contractors because you never had the money in the first place and the business is fake.
9. Results: a dead worker and a collapsed building.

Of course, the Labour Party will oppose a public inquiry. The fraudulent and corrupt transfer of the land to Allplus, a fraudulent company, is out of the remit of the magistrate, and the law, as it stands today, is not cut out to deal with such complex cases of fraud and corruption – this is of course intentional. The Labour Party is constantly fighting to keep the status quo because it is embedded in this corrupt and dysfunctional system and thrives by it. And the more we know, the more it becomes apparent how a public inquiry into Jean-Paul Sofia’s death is needed with great urgency.

By the way, guess who banks these criminals? It’s Bank of Valletta, of course. It should go without saying.

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  1. Step 6: 6. Inject a large sum of revenue in your financials.

    How the fuck do you get those from working as a driver?

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