Kurt Buhagiar’s Italian business partners

Giovanni Scolaro

This is Giovanni Scolaro, a business partner of Kurt Buhagiar. Below is Aurora Bicocchi. As published in the previous posts, Kurt Buhagiar became a building contractor after Labour’s 2017 general election victory. Apart from setting up the company Allplus with Matthew Schembri in 2019, a year prior, in 2018, Kurt Buhagiar became a 25% shareholder of a company called SC Real Estate Limited. The shares were transferred to him by Giovanni Scolaro who owned the company with Aurora Bicocchi. Subsequently, Kurt Buhagiar became a 25% shareholder of SC Real Estate along with Giovanni Scolaro who owned another 25%. The other 50% is owned by Aurora Bicocchi.

So, basically, it’s like Giovanni Scolaro sold 50% of his share to Kurt Buhagiar and made him his business partner in his company with Aurora Bicocchi.

There is not much available about the company since it is declaring virtually no revenue, but it is important to take note of these things. Kurt Buhagiar was arrested and served prison time in Sicily for human trafficking. An Italian setting up a company in Malta with Kurt Buhagiar would, undeniably be taking a lot of compliance risk, so why would anyone do such a thing?

Aurora Bicocchi




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  1. Is this address of Scolaro’s another in a series of coincidences that over the years have been happening with a regular, eh, pattern?

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