Breaking: Kurt Buhagiar was a Labour Party activist

Kurt Buhagiar

Kurt Buhagiar has a history of activism and connections with the Labour Party and government officials before the time that we got to know about him due to his very irregular project that killed Jean Paul Sofia.

Kurt Buhagiar was a known criminal before stepping up in life as a building contractor thanks to the Labour Party and his connections with prominent individuals in the Party. He started out as the driver of William Wait who was CEO of Malta Enterprise. Then in 2017, Kurt Buhagiar was involved in the Labour Party’s electoral campaign and was specifically tasked to collect donations from building contractors whom he disseminated to select Labour Party candidates and to the Labour Party’s main coffers.

After Labour’s victory in the 2017 election, Kurt Buhagiar began doubling as a building contractor whilst still working for Malta Enterprise as the CEO’s driver. Eventually, as William Wait left the entity and was replaced by Kurt Farrugia, Kurt Buhagiar ended up driving Kurt Farrugia. Today, it was also revealed that Kurt Buhagiar is a recipient of various government and public contracts.

It is very interesting how one starts out as a criminal, becomes the driver of the CEO of Malta Enterprise, and eventually becomes a building contractor.

This is a developing story and I am collecting more information. If you have more information on Kurt Buhagiar and his past links with the LAbour Party and/or Robert Abela, please don’t hesitate to contact me at +35677007909. You may use Signal, Whatsapp or even Telegram.

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