It’s hard to keep up with all those lies

It’s extremely hard to keep up with a lot of lies. Does it increase your risk of schizophrenia? Joseph Muscat can’t keep up with his lies and is getting confused.

When asked about the Panama Papers, Joseph Muscat interjected and started speaking about Egrant and on being accused of having taken bribes. The problem with this is that initially Muscat was never accused of having taken bribes and the accusations against him with regards to Egrant came a year later.

“Did your friends steal any money?”

“I told you already, I did not steal any money.”

Very precise. He can’t help himself now with all that stress in living a fake life and faking his story and probably the phase of acceptance will be settling soon.


  1. Amazing how this clown apparently can get 15k a month as a consultant and cant remember the timeline of the biggest scandal in the history of Malta which he created

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