These are the progressive politicians currently working to introduce civil liberties

Marlene Farrugia

As we are forced to watch the political theatre of Robert Abela and the Labour Party, it is worth mentioning who are the politicians who are actively working to strengthen and increase our civil rights, as opposed to the Labour MPs such as Rebecca Buttiġieġ and Owen Bonnici who are abusing of civil liberties to project a false narrative, waste people’s time and play political theatre. First, we have to start with a bit of recent history.

Marlene Farrugia

Marlene Farrugia is the first MP who proposed the decriminalisation of abortion in the Maltese Parliament. Her Private Member’s Bill was rejected outright by the Labour government insisting no discussion should take place. Marlene Farrugia was also criticised by Labour propagandists such as University Vice-Rector Carmen Sammut for various reasons including that the bill was presented “at the wrong time”.

Sandra Gauci 

Sandra Gauci

Sandra Gauci is the leader of Malta’s Green Party, ADPD. She is the first ever party leader to be openly in favour of the decriminilastion of abortion. She has been elected leader of ADPD recently. Currently, ADPD has no seats in Parliament.

Chris Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne proposed a bill to the Cabinet to decriminalise abortion in the case women’s health is in danger. His proposal came as a reaction to Andrea Prudente’s case. Subsequently, Prime Minister Robert Abela changed the bill and forced the cabinet to go along with his proposed version instead, which only grants the right to abortion in case of risk of death and only after the procedure is approved by a committee of doctors.

Mark Anthony Sammut

Mark Anthony Sammut has recently proposed the decriminalisation of insult. His proposal comes after the Labour government is introducing exceptions for artists covering them in case the insult is part of their artwork while simultaneously consolidating the criminalisation of insult in general.

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  1. You can just name 4 politicians even though we have 79 members of parliament meaning there is a member of parliament for every 7500 citizen TEN times the ratio for France for example 73,000 per politician.

    How did we get this so wrong!?

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