Becoming a literal parasite

After the sad news broke out that Charlon Gouder is going to vandalise the Labour Party’s art-deco monument in Cospicua to develop it into a rooftop restaurant, environment groups and neighbours of the Realto building have got together to oppose the development application.

So, the Labour Party has gone from creating a jungle rules problem in the country of unbridled and uncontrolled construction boom resulting in serious environmental damage in the process and a drastic erosion of the quality of life to becoming the literal parasite that is destroying our towns and villages.

The Labour Party intends to turn the historic Realto cinema into a restaurant and cafeteria. This is one of the last art-deco builds we have left of the Colonial era and apart from being a historic monument by itself to those times, its architecture is very rare in Malta. It’s a national treasure and a building that should be in the portfolio of the government’s heritage agency, but guess what? The Director of National Heritage, Alex Farrugia, instead is writing articles in the Times in support of the government’s public subsidy to Love Island.

A government by criminals with the support of frauds and imbeciles. So far most Labour delegates and activists have swallowed Robert Abela’s bullshit and allowed him to wreak indiscriminate havoc on the Islands and on the Party for the sake of their careers. They will regret their actions on the day Robert Abela is no longer Prime Minister as they take a look at the wreckage left behind. “Who did this?”, they will ask as they ignore any form of responsibility whatsoever.

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  1. Can you kindly enlighten us how Labour managed to possess The Rialto? Isn’t this more scandalous? And once you’re at it, how did other properties like The Orpheum and the numerous party clubs in all towns and villages had the same fate?

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