The aftermath of Prigohzin’s coup attempt

This is a very good interview with Russian journalist Andrei Soldatov on the aftermath of Prigohzin’s coup attempt. The Russian journalist focuses on the Russian security services and has extensive sources inside Russia. Along with his analysis, I would add these points:

– Prigohzin is now a potential successor to Putin and his political influence can increase significantly once again once Russia loses the war in Ukraine.

– Wagner Group has now become a symbol of opposition in Russia. Wagner Group merchandise in Russia is currently booming.

Andrei Soldatov’s main point is that Prigohzin’s coup attempt exposed Putin’s weakness inside the security services as the security services did not prevent Prigohzin’s march.


  1. Not sure Russians view the coup as a weakness, Putin somehow averted disaster, at least for the moment. And Prigohzin is now away in the Belarus. In retirement or preparing for the next attempt? I believe it all depends on the economy. Just like here in Malta people don’t give a shit about the world around them until their pockets start drying up.

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